Established in mid-2014, Central Mall is a high-end goods department store, designed to be a one-stop shopping experience for consumers looking for authentic and premium lifestyle goods. The mall was established from the get-go with an emphasis on being different. Customer service of the highest standard is constantly maintained by our highly trained staff. We take on a responsive approach to the sensitive retail climate in the country- the list of brands we carry is ever-increasing- we care and listen to what you want and meet your expectations.

Our mall is designed as a shop-in-shop concept where the design and material comes direct from the respective principals to offer our customers the most premium shopping experience in Cambodia. This strict compliance with design reinforces the authenticity of our products, providing our customers with full assurance that the products sold at Central Mall are 100% genuine.

Throughout our extensive network and with the support of our partners, the Retail Division brings together an impressive range of luxury brands in Garments, Travel Gear, Accessories and Watches. Our products are currently housed in major retail outlets across the city centre. We tailor our inventory to suit the needs of our target consumers. We own exclusive rights to sell these products in Cambodia.

With our exclusive contracts with brand principals, we have their support to take steps in eradicating the proliferation of fake goods in the market. Our outstanding customer service and quality products will establish Central Mall as the place to shop for our customers' purchasing needs. Our clientele benefit from a highly knowledgeable and friendly sales staff. We take great pride in offering a superior shopping experience.